Our support and sponsors!

Top: North Borneo History Enthusiasts (that's us!) From left to right: DBKK, Kota Kinabalu 12th City Day, Kota Kinabalu Nature Resort City, Daily Express, Sabah Tshung Tsin Alumni, Sabah Art Gallery & Sabah Cultural Board, Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia (Sabah), Arkib Negeri Sabah, RTM Sabah, Sabah Musuem, PDRM (Sabah), Sabah Tourism Board, Sri Pelancongan Sabah, HSBC Bank, Shell, Kadazan Society Sabah, Hotel Sixty-3, Kopi Cap Kuda, Arkitrek, Camps International, Sounds Tech Productions, ProArt Gallery, Generator Creative Studio, Asgardian School of Art, Fuji Xerox, Bubut, Bandwidth Street Press, Breeze Magazine, BorneoColours.com

We’ve been gaining so much support from friends, family and the community we’ve been talking to/collaborating with.

Thus far, we’ve received so much attention excluding even the names mentioned above. It’s a bit overwhelming but we’re proud.

This is us at NBHE sending out huge thanks to everyone who are helping us right now to make ‘Bonding With Gaya Street’ happen. Even to those unmentioned, we all know who you are and yes, thank you for the insurmountable support 🙂


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