Atkinson Clock Tower Exhibition a hit | Borneo Post Online

KOTA KINABALU: The Atkinson Clock Tower exhibition at Hotel Sixty3, Gaya Street here, in conjunction with the recent ‘Bonding With Gaya Street’ event has proven to be such a hit among locals and tourists that the exhibition has been extended until February 14.


The exhibition venue is located at the hotel’s first floor atrium, situated just opposite the Sabah Tourism Board building.


Among the highlights of the exhibition is a 48-foot long graphic mural of the Atkinson Clock Tower, sponsored by Hotel Sixty3 as well as numerous images and information of Kota Kinabalu’s oldest and most popular city landmark.


According to Richard Nelson Sokial, a local heritage advocator involved with the exhibition, the public response to the Atkinson Clock Tower exhibition had been very good, and by popular demand, the hotel’s management had kindly extended its goodwill and hospitality to host the exhibition for another two more days.

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