BWGS is not yet over!

This marks the end of ‘Bonding with Gaya Street’ the street event however, the BWGS project still goes on. ‘Gaya Street Stories’ the coffee table book is still in the works. Also expect to see more video interviews of Gaya Street figures coming up on our youtube channel.

The Atkinson Clock Tower Exhibition @ Hotel Sixty-3 is ongoing till tomorrow (Tuesday) at Hotel Sixty-3. Same goes to Kedai Jam dan Kaca Mata Foh Cheong which will be on till tomorrow (Tuesday).

Some extended displays are the timeline at the Mandarin Hotel which will be there until February 20th. Kedai Kopi Sen Chong Wah has also indefinitely decided to keep the exhibit at their place permanent.

Some of the shopkeepers who have already (voluntarily) decided to permanently display exhibits are Chop Teo Seng and Singer.

Despite everything please do keep updated on our blog/Facebook/Twitter because we’re still in the midst of cataloging our photos and videos taken during the event. We will keep updating our online platforms periodically with everything that has been happening throughout the three days.

Please also look out for our book which will be published around mid-year. We’ll definitely keep the public posted!

Special thanks to our exhibition team spearheaded by Yee I-Lann; Suchung Chong of ProArt, April and Teo of Asgardian School of Art and all those who contributed their personal memorabilia. You’ve made this event very special. 🙂

If you have any more Gaya Street stories that you’d like to share for our book, please email us at Thank you again to all who came to Bonding with Gaya Street and for your generous support! It’s truly been a pleasure. 🙂


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Dedicated blog for North Borneo History Enthusiasts', Bonding With Gaya Street. Updates, write-ups, thoughts and processing all here.


  1. Good to know that shop owners voluntarily placed all those history outside their shop. 🙂 And yes, an on going bwgayastreet is perfect. Can’t wait for the book to be published. 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s been such a great experience for the whole lot of us and community support right now is the most important, we feel :). We need to know that the public feels the same way about history and heritage, as we do.

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