Atkinson Clock Tower exhibit @ Hotel Sixty-3

The Atkinson Clock Tower exhibition will be held at Hotel Sixty-3 from Feb 11-12. On behalf of the curators of this exhibit, we wish to extend an invitation to the public to contribute not just old but new photographs which highlights the Atkinson Clock Tower.

A little teaser before the real thing 😉

The Atkinson Clock Tower remains and will remain for a long time Kota Kinabalu’s heritage icon.


The Atkinson Clock Tower remains only one of three buildings that survived the World War II bombings–this is a feat considering the age of the building. ACT was built in 1905 by Mary Edith Atkinson in memory of her son, Francis George Atkinson.

Life in old Gaya Street depended a lot on the Atkinson Clock Tower’s unmistakable presence. This is even indicated in photographs such as one 1961 Gaya Street fire with ACT in the background (come Sat/Sun to find out which!). Memories surrounding the Atkinson Clock Tower remain stark and clear especially to those who grew up in the area. The bell-toll ringing from the tower indicated the start and end of a day. These little details and stories keep our collective memories of this building alive.

So, please do come by Saturday and Sunday to learn more and have fun. Also, remember the call for contributions regarding photos of ACT! 🙂


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